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reprinted with permission from Wire Forming Technology International / July 1999



In the dereeling of wire or strip to forming and coiling machines, it is essential to control acceleration and deceleration of the spool, reel or bundle to reduce wire and strip jams.

With worry-free dereeling, where turntable speed automatically compensates as bundle diameter and weight change, the operator is free to concentrate on the production aspects of the forming or coiling operation. Such feeding efficiency results in higher production, less scrap, better quality end product and all-around improved machine utilization.


Dereelers made by Spectral Systems Inc., Montclair, CA, USA, incorporate dancer arm systems for efficient control of the wire being payed off. When operating within the "speed control range," these dancers will automatically compensate payoff speed ±25% of the set speed.

Long arm length means minimal elevation change of the wire guide to maintain the wire's natural cast from bundle to coiler throughout the arm's stroke.

A longer dancer stroke increases the amount of acceleration and deceleration time while maintaining even tension on the wire. This extra time makes robust jobs easier to run and allows the operator to focus on the setup instead of the dereeler. It also reduces wire nests caused by constant system stops/starts.

The entire arm on most Spectral System dereeler models can be moved in or out for optimal length in accommodating space and payoff requirements. Dancer arms on bundle-type machines can be located anywhere around the machine. On carrier-type units, the arm is positioned at one of three arm mounts.

The single-loop threading system provides fast, easy setup. Payoff tension is easy to adjust and all Spectral System dancer arms use voltage levels instead of limit switches to define stroke lengths.


Spectral Systems offers a broad range of dereeling equipment including recently introduced models designed to significantly increase production.

Next-generation slack wire system:The SWF-1000 solves many problems involved with paying off wire from reels. It has features to boost production including a simple single loop threading system, a virtually zero tension payoff, guide bars that keep wire from jumping off rollers, stub axle design (no axle to insert in the reel) and a system to control tension between reel and rollers. An optional coaxial accumulator is available.

SWF-1000 system capacity is 1000 lb (454 kg) and wire range is 0.020" to 0.100" (0.5 to 2.5 mm). Reels can range from 22" to 30" (559 to 762 mm) diameter and from 10" to 15" (254 to 381 mm) in width.

Unit for carriers or loose bundles:The P5000, designed for both wire carriers and loose bundles, has a deep 60" (1524 mm) OD basket and 12" (305 mm) minimum ID for maximized usefulness. The four centering dogs are easily adjusted at the end of each of the basket spokes using a supplied speed wrench.

The system's special "swash" top rotates with the basket at an angle allowing the wire to escape only at the opening, while keeping the bundle contained. Point of escapement can be set for a specific application. With the top installed, the P5000 can handle bundles of 0.080" to 0.205" (2 to 5.2 mm) O.T., chrome silicon or other high tensile wire. Capacity is 5000 lb (2268 kg) and basket dimensions are 60" x 16" (1524 x 406 mm).

System for payoff of soft wire:The P6500 is designed to payoff large six-post carriers of relatively soft wire in the 0.125" to 0.500" (3.2 to 12.7 mm) size range, where containment is not a safety issue. The 72" (1829 mm) diameter basket has a built-in catch ring to prevent wire spills. A four-post carrier center is available.

Wire payoff tension is easily adjusted with the air regulator (under the head unit) while setting up the forming equipment. The machine features an optional remote head unit (standard model is attached to the machine base).

Dereeler for hard-to-handle wires: The rugged 6600 lb (2994 kg) capacity P6600 is specifically engineered to safely and efficiently dereel hard-to-handle wires such as chrome silicon and oil-tempered wire in diameters from 0.187" to 0.750" (4.7 to 19 mm).

The exclusive cam-operated containment arms and linear dancer arm system ensures positive wire control. Since the containment system rotates with the basket, the problem of bundle expansion caused by wire abrading against a stationary top is eliminated. The 8' (2.4 m) diameter basket with its 30" (762 mm) center allows for a wide range of bundle sizes including many large ID carriers.

The pneumatic linear dancer arm (to simplify setup and adjustments) has large UHMW rollers for easy threading and better wear with no wire deformity.

For more info, contact Carol Mayeda at Spectral or Circle 256.